Videos from the 74th Anniversary

2015 Pearl Harbor Commemorative Ceremony

The National Park Service and the United States Navy co-hosted the 74th commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The 2015 ceremony featured Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Kennedy as the keynote speaker.

USS Arizona Interment Ceremony (Joseph Langdell)

The National Park Service and the U.S. Navy conducted the interment of Joseph Langdell who was a young Ensign assigned to the USS Arizona. His family was there to participate in the interment of his urn into the hull of the ship. Full military burial honors were rendered to Ensign Langdell by the U.S. Navy and his interment into the ship was accomplished by the National Park Service Dive Team.

Blackened Canteen Ceremony

Dr. Hiroya Sugano has been conducting this act of reconciliation with the National Park Service at the USS Arizona Memorial for the last 20 years. The blackened canteen is a recovered relic from a B-29 bomber that collided with another B-29 over the city of Shizuoka, Japan in 1945. Twenty-three American airmen were killed. The American dead were buried among the Japanese citizens of Shizuoka who were killed during the bombing raid. At the Memorial, prayers are extended for the dead and an offering of peace is displayed by the pouring of whiskey from the canteen into the hallowed waters of Pearl Harbor.

An Evening with Professor David Kennedy

Inside the Historian’s Library: This program explored through interview the art and skill sets of writing and interpreting history. The program was modeled in the style of Inside the Actor’s Studio television program. Watch for an exclusive insight into the writing of the Pulitzer Prize winning book, Freedom from Fear: The American People in Great Depression and War, 1929-1945.