Weighing 58,000 tons fully loaded and measuring just less than 900 feet from bow to stern, the USS Missouri is a hulking, awe-inspiring behemoth of a ship, a true force to be reckoned with in her prime. Today, the now peaceful giant stands silent guard over her fallen sister-ship the USS Arizona.

Affectionately known as the "Mighty Mo" the USS Missouri was America’s last battleship ever built and the last to be decommissioned. The Missouri secured its place in history as the site of Japan’s formal surrender to the Allied Forces on September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay, ending World War II. To this day, that remains one of the most impressive highlights in her illustrious 50-year career, spanning three wars, and three generations.

Climb aboard the Missouri and follow in the footsteps of General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers. Stride across the deck of the Mighty Mo and get a close-up view of the Missouri's massive, 16-inch, 50-caliber guns. Pop down below for a surprise inspection of the crew's quarters and mess. Finally, take your place on the bridge of the Missouri and check out the view from the Captain's Chair!


Open Daily
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
During June, July, & August
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Ford Island, Pearl Harbor
63 Cowpens Street,
Honolulu, HI 96818



With your General Admission you are welcome to choose from three choices to explore the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Choose which one suits your interests, or you can do them all if you have the time.

  • 35-minute Guided Tour: Take a tour of the ship with one of our knowledgeable tour guides. On the tour you will see and hear about the main historical points of the ship, including the Surrender Deck. Afterwards you are welcome to explore the ship on your own at your leisure.
  • Acoustiguide Audio Tour: Explore the ship with one of our informational audio phones. With more than 100 stops above and below decks, you can spend 45 - 90 minutes learning about historical and technical aspects of the USS Missouri. Available in English, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Explore On Your Own: If you like to adventure on your own, you're welcome to take a map once you come aboard and take advantage of informational signs around the ship at your own pace. Tour guides and staff will be around the ship and available to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

For battleship fans who have ever wondered what it takes to make the USS Missouri go 33 knots or fire the massive 16" guns – we recommend upgrading to the Heart of the Missouri tour. This personal tour takes you right into her engineering spaces and gives you an up close and personal look at the inner workings of the ship with a specially trained tour guide. This upgraded tour will allow you guided access into the Engine rooms, Gun Turret #1, Damage Control Central Station, Broadway, Fire Room #4 and our Aft Battery Plot Room.