Teacher Resources

Bring history into your classroom in fun and unique ways! This educational toolkit provides educational activities and lessons to support classroom study of World War II and the 75th Commemoration of December 7, 1941. Activities blend historical themes with civics, art and science. These engaging activities complement national learning standards. Be sure to check out the “Recommended Resources” section to find additional teaching aids, children’s books, and information to inspire further study.

Picture Pearl Harbor

This collection of historical photos encourages students to closely examine the impact of December 7, 1941 on Pearl Harbor and the local population of Oahu. Grade level appropriate lessons teach students to analyze images to gain a better understanding of the significance of Pearl Harbor.

Additional Class Activities

Activities and lessons that blend history with art, science and civics

Blackened Canteen

A reading and discussion guide for The Blackened Canteen by Jerry Yellin focuses on themes of peace, courage and reconciliation and ultimately evaluate the importance of honoring the past.

Recommended Resources

Additional books, films and online resources to enhance classroom instruction, including links to register for World War II Museum’s December 7th live webcast and new collections in Smithsonian’s Learning Lab.

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